The 2016 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Makers, Tinkerers & DIYers by VellemanStoreEvery year you tell yourself you’ll start holiday shopping early, and every year you end up waiting until it’s too late. Not in 2016! With the holiday season already upon us, now is the perfect time to get started on your gift shopping and we are here to help.

As makers ourselves, we know it’s hard to shop for the maker, tinkerer or DIYer in your life — certain components only work with certain modules, we hacked our development board to outperform this year’s model and we don’t need any prototyping enclosures because we already 3D printed our own. That’s why we created an ultimate gift guide to make your holiday shopping less stressful this year.


2016 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Our Two and Four Legged ALLBOTs were a maker favorite at this year’s World Maker Faire New York. Even Ben Heck got his hands on one and did an awesome review!

The ALLBOT comes in two and four legged form and runs on an Arduino Uno or Mega. Using the Mega gives you the capability to run up to six legs on 36 servo motors. Once you’ve built and customized your robot friend to your liking, download the ALLBOT app on your Apple or Android device and control it remotely using the IR transmitter.

We’ve made the ALLBOTs as customizable as possible. With two and three servo motor leg upgrades, and li-ion battery packs and optional plastic parts coming soon, the possibilities are endless. We even uploaded the .stl files for the legs so you can redesign, customize and 3D printer your own.


Vertex K8400 3D Printer

Speaking of 3D printers, the K8400 is the ultimate 3D printer kit for makers. The Vertex is our next generation printer that is easy to assemble, prints at a 100-micron resolution using 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament and has the capability to print with two colors using the K8402 Dual Extruder Kit upgrade.

The Vertex is fully enclosed and does not require a heated bed for printing. The printing platform comprises of a fixed 4mm aluminum frame, a removable 4mm glass plate and a Buildtak sheet to provide the optimal printing surface.


VR Headset

Explore the world of augmented reality with the Velleman VR-GEAR3. This virtual reality headset is portable, comfortable and turns the screen of your smartphone into a personal theater for movies, games and more. The VR-GEAR3 is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and fits smartphone screens ranging from 3.6” to 6”.


Kits and Minikits

Our DIY kits and minikits are ideal for beginners and hobbyists to experienced makers and tinkerers who are interest in assembling electronic gadgets and gizmos.

For beginners who want to learn or improve their soldering skills, we recommend the Velleman K/STARTULF Soldering Start Kit. This kit includes everything you need to get you started with soldering and two minikits for you to practice on: the MK102 Flashing LEDs and the MK103 LED Sound-to-Light Minikit.

For more advanced makers, build your own oscilloscope with the Velleman EDU08:LCD Oscilloscope Educational Kit or test your soldering skills with the Velleman K8018B: 5x5x5 3D Blue LED Cube.


Tools, Equipment & Soldering Kits

Lastly, you can never go wrong with getting tools for a maker, tinkerer or DIYer. From anti-static tools and tool kits to oscilloscopes and multimeters, VellemanStore is your one-stop shop for all things tools and supplies.

Add some heavy duty tools to your maker’s arsenal and light up their desk with the Velleman VTSET23U: 18 Piece Tool Kit and the Velleman VTLLAMP4WU: LED Desk Lamp. This tool kit comes with everything you need including long nose pliers, wire strippers, an adjustable wrench and six different screwdrivers. The LED desk lamp includes an eight diopter magnifying glass for hands-free magnification and 80 bright white LEDs for illuminating any workspace.

Give the gift of a rejuvenated home lab with the Velleman LAB2U: Three-in-One Oscilloscope, Function Generator and Power Supply. The oscilloscope has a bandwidth of up to 10MHz, the function generator has a frequency range from 1 Hz to 1,000,000 Hz and the power supply has fixed voltage outputs of 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V and 12V.

Upgrade their soldering station to the Velleman VTSSC76U. This high-tech soldering station features electronic temperature control, password lock, an LED display with digital temperature scale and more. Never burn or damage projects again with the VTSSC76U’s built-in sensor and heater fail notifications.


Now that you have a list of gift ideas, don’t wait until the last minute this year. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with our latest news, sales and discount codes. Happy holidays and good luck with your shopping this season!