RobotFest Redux


April 25  - The annual RobotFest went off without a hitch on Saturday April 25. The event, held at the National Electronics Museum, had a wide variety of people in attendance. From the industry professional to the parent hobbyist, there was a surprisingly great mix of makers for an event aimed at promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among the youth. We had a blast meeting with makers of all ages, but the best reward was interacting with the bright young minds that will be the next generation of makers. RobotFest was a truly unique experience, one that we won’t soon forget.


The National Electronics Museum has hosted RobotFest since its inception in the early 2000’s, and for good reason. Attendants are given the opportunity to visit with exhibitors and sponsors as well as take a stroll through the various parts of the museum including a wing dedicated to WWII and Cold War radar equipment, and a section for Space Sensors.


Velleman Inc. has always been a proud supporter of STEM and we understand the importance electronics play in today’s fast-paced environment. Which is why we enjoy sponsoring events like RobotFest.


k8200 printing a gear


We had a chance to showcase our unique k8200 3D printer, which uses a movable print bed, by giving away some models that were printed during the event. Many of the attendants we spoke with were intrigued with the idea of a moving print bed since most other 3D printers available for commercial use, use the standard moving printhead nozzle.

The show may be over, but this fat lady is still singing. We can’t get enough and are thrilled for next year’s event.