As we begin to head into the New Year, we all know that the Holidays come first. In our current society, there have been so many technological advancements that it’s very hard for one to keep up. This holiday season why not check out our gift giving guide for those that are on your lists this year. 

Here are some really cool gift ideas based on your budget. 


Under $30 (not including shipping)

1. Velleman ELMX510M: Motor Action Kit 

This action kit is great for kids because it teaches them how generators work. You can even do cool things like operate a fan and control the motor’s forward and reverse rotation.


2. Velleman ELMX510L: Light Action Kit


With this kit you can learn how electrical circuits work and discover how electricity travels to turn on and flash lights.


3. Velleman MK159: Brain Game Kit

Create your own pocket-sized Simon game and even play with 4 different difficulty levels.



Over $30 but under $200 (not including shipping)

1. Velleman MK191: Classic TV Tennis Game with Bats

Remember the classic game called 'Pong'? Now, you can put together your own pong game this holiday season. There are 5 single and 5 dual player levels.  Fun competition for the entire family.


2. VMP502: Basic Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi

The perfect gift for someone who is interested in learning how to program computers.


3. Velleman EL301: 30-in-1 Electronic Lab Kit

30 exciting electronic experiments where you will learn about the major parts of a circuit board including resistors, capacitors, diodes and more. Projects range from creating a burglar alarm to a radio. This is the perfect gift for the curious individual.


4. Velleman VR204: Two Legged ALLBOT

Build and learn to program your own robot. You can even program your robot to be independent or add a transmitter to where you can control the robot using your smartphone or tablet. How cool is that?



Over $200 (not including shipping)

1. K8400: Vertex 3D Printer Kit

The name says it all! It's the coolest thing since sliced bread. If you're the type of person who enjoys having the latest and greatest products in technology and electronics then this is for you.