Girya Girl assembles the MK150 Running Microbug Minikit live

Girya Girl assembles the MK127 Running Microbug Minikit live

Maker extraordinaire Girya Girl took time out of her busy workout and moving schedule this past weekend to show off her soldering skills. She showcased a live assembly of the Velleman MK127: Running Microbug Minikit on her YouTube channel. We've been a fan of Girya Girl aka Adrienne and her fitness blog, so we were ecstatic when she announced her Velleman minikit live stream. Take a look at her Running Microbug minikit stream rebroadcast and let us know what you think she should build next in the comments below.

We'd like to give a huge shoutout to Girya Girl and thank her for the live stream. If you're not following her on Twitter or YouTube, you're missing out. Show her some support and hit the follow and subscribe buttons on her Twitter and YouTube.