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Maker Faire Detroit

In less than a month we will be in the heart of the automotive industry. That’s right, we’re going to Detroit! But before you get too excited, we’re going for business to sponsor the 6th Annual Maker Faire: Detroit – though, escaping this sweltering heat is vacation enough.


This year’s 6th annual Maker Faire: Detroit marks a special occasion for us here at Velleman Inc. as it will be our first time sponsoring the Detroit show. But we won’t be the only newbies, as there are 70 new makers expected to make their Detroit debut as well. Including one local engineer, Matt West who will attend the Faire with his son and their 3-story Hot Wheels ramp. In addition to Matt West and the previously mentioned blast from the past, Cirque Mechanics will bring their modern circus inspired mechanical style to Detroit – my coulrophobia aside, it’s sure to be a spectacular addition to the Maker Faire experience. The one exhibit we are absolutely stoked about is the interactive Les Paul experience. A 53’ mobile experience that “offers hands-on interactives celebrating the great Les Paul.”


There may be plenty of Maker Faire noobs, but there are also seasoned veterans expected to make an appearance including Ben Heck (of the aptly named The Ben Heck Show). We might be new to the Detroit area, but we consider ourselves part of the “seasoned veterans” category. The Velleman Inc. booth will have DIY kits, 3D Printer kits, and a wide assortment of tools to help you get better acquainted with our family.


Maker Faires never fail to impress as there is always something that will grab your attention in a variety of ways. And it seems as though this year will be one for the record books. Maker Faire: Bay Area saw a record numbers of attendees back in May. If you’re in the Detroit area and want to experience the fastest growing movement in the nation, make sure you drop by the Maker Faire July 25-26 9:30am – 6pm. Find out more about how you can attend this years Maker Faire in Detroit here!