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World Maker Faire New York 2016 recap

By VellemanStore /  Oct 4, 2016 9:41:00 AM /   Posted in Events

Panoramic view of World Maker Faire New York - Just outside of Maker Pavilion

We made it back from World Maker Faire New York and wanted to show and tell the highlights of our trip with you. This year's Maker Faire New York was held at the beautiful NY Hall of Science and had a variety of sponsors, speakers, events and booths.

The activity-packed maker weekend gave us the opportunity to meet and speak with Velleman fans from all over the U.S. Our booth was near the entrance of Zone 3 in the Maker Pavilion where we showcased our 3D Printers, ALLBOTs, kits, mini kits and tools.

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Maker Faire: Detroit

By VellemanStore /  Jun 30, 2015 10:38:44 AM /   Posted in Entertainment Lifestyle Tech

Detroit Maker Faire logo

Maker Faire Detroit

In less than a month we will be in the heart of the automotive industry. That’s right, we’re going to Detroit! But before you get too excited, we’re going for business to sponsor the 6th Annual Maker Faire: Detroit – though, escaping this sweltering heat is vacation enough.


This year’s 6th annual Maker Faire: Detroit marks a special occasion for us here at Velleman Inc. as it will be our first time sponsoring the Detroit show. But we won’t be the only newbies, as there are 70 new makers expected to make their Detroit debut as well. Including one local engineer, Matt West who will attend the Faire with his son and their 3-story Hot Wheels ramp. In addition to Matt West and the previously mentioned blast from the past, Cirque Mechanics will bring their modern circus inspired mechanical style to Detroit – my coulrophobia aside, it’s sure to be a spectacular addition to the Maker Faire experience. The one exhibit we are absolutely stoked about is the interactive Les Paul experience. A 53’ mobile experience that “offers hands-on interactives celebrating the great Les Paul.”


There may be plenty of Maker Faire noobs, but there are also seasoned veterans expected to make an appearance including Ben Heck (of the aptly named The Ben Heck Show). We might be new to the Detroit area, but we consider ourselves part of the “seasoned veterans” category. The Velleman Inc. booth will have DIY kits, 3D Printer kits, and a wide assortment of tools to help you get better acquainted with our family.


Maker Faires never fail to impress as there is always something that will grab your attention in a variety of ways. And it seems as though this year will be one for the record books. Maker Faire: Bay Area saw a record numbers of attendees back in May. If you’re in the Detroit area and want to experience the fastest growing movement in the nation, make sure you drop by the Maker Faire July 25-26 9:30am – 6pm. Find out more about how you can attend this years Maker Faire in Detroit here!

Bay Area Maker Faire Recap

By Administrator VellemanStore /  May 19, 2015 12:56:49 PM /   Posted in Entertainment

Bay Area Maker Faire Bay Area Maker Faire Recap

The event may be over, but the movement is just as strong as ever. This past weekend we attended the Bay Area Maker Faire in beautiful San Mateo, California. We were only there for three days, but the experience was enough to last a lifetime.

Typically a weekend event, Maker Faire started a day earlier on Friday this year. School children from the San Mateo area were bused to the event to experience everything Maker Faire had to offer. A flood of mini-makers washed over the Faire in a matter of minutes and their excitement was contagious. Laughter filled the air as kids of all ages found themselves in a wonderland of steampunk creations, LED art installations, and a circus tent packed with 3D printers. The amazing thing about Maker Faire is that you don’t have to be an engineer or a hardcore technophile to appreciate the creations people have brought to life. 


And there’s something for everybody!

Microsoft, a “goldsmith” level sponsor was located in the 3D printing pavilion near our booth. While Microsoft isn’t known for their 3D printing, they had created a pressure sensitive LED fixture similar to that of the famous scene in “Big” where Tom Hanks dances a tune in FAO Schwarz. Throughout the day we could hear people dancing tunes like Harry Potter theme music. Just outside our circus tent, a young maker had created his very own, life-sized, remote controlled Dalek from Doctor Who - EXTERMINATE!


1 Booth. 3 Days. 150,000+ People.

The newest addition to Maker Faire this year was the 3D Printing Pavillion, or the circus tent as we called it, was a madhouse of whirring machines and bewildered attendants. 3D printing might not be as niche as it was a couple of years ago, there was an abundance of new innovations to the industry. Our booth neighbor at FormLabs brought their CLIP-like printer (Continuous Liquid Interface Production), and Stuctur3d Printing even brought their specialized extrusion head that can print with silicon. That’s right, the same silicon that comes from a caulk tube. 

Attendants were astounded with our project catalog which contains a description of our entire selection of DIY mini kits, including a special alternative energy education project. In addition to our mini kits, we also had our most popular test equipment on display alongside our soldering stations and accessories.

Our most popular attraction, aside from showcasing our dual extruding K8400 and single extruding K8200 3D printers, was our special giveaway. Attendants had the chance to win a K8200, our first generation 3D printer with unique moving, heated bed.

If you entered the drawing for the K8200, stay tuned this week as we will be selecting the winner this Friday!

While we most certainly did not see 150,000 people at our booth alone, there was an amazing turnout for Velleman, Inc. During the Faire, we had the opportunity to meet our loyal customers and pave the way for new relationships. From older hobbyists all the way to little tykes looking for a kit to practice their newfound soldering skills, we truly enjoyed meeting face-to-face with those that have supported us throughout the years. 


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Makers, Assemble!

By Administrator VellemanStore /  May 7, 2015 4:26:53 PM /   Posted in Entertainment

Makers, Assemble!


On Thursday May 14th we are heading to sunny California for the Bay Area Maker Faire. You can find us in the newest Maker Faire addition, the 3D Printing and Fabrication Pavilion, where you will have hands on experience with our K8200 and K8400 3D printers.

During our exhibition, attendees will have a chance to walk away with some of our printed pieces. And one lucky maker will even win their very own K8200 3D printer!

The Bay Area Maker Faire will run from May 16th – 17th. So stop by, say hi, win something, and experience the possibilities of 3D printing. Check out the map below, we'll be in Zone 10!

It's a map of the Maker Faire

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RobotFest Redux

By Administrator VellemanStore /  Apr 28, 2015 4:22:23 PM /   Posted in Entertainment

RobotFest Redux


April 25  - The annual RobotFest went off without a hitch on Saturday April 25. The event, held at the National Electronics Museum, had a wide variety of people in attendance. From the industry professional to the parent hobbyist, there was a surprisingly great mix of makers for an event aimed at promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among the youth. We had a blast meeting with makers of all ages, but the best reward was interacting with the bright young minds that will be the next generation of makers. RobotFest was a truly unique experience, one that we won’t soon forget.


The National Electronics Museum has hosted RobotFest since its inception in the early 2000’s, and for good reason. Attendants are given the opportunity to visit with exhibitors and sponsors as well as take a stroll through the various parts of the museum including a wing dedicated to WWII and Cold War radar equipment, and a section for Space Sensors.


Velleman Inc. has always been a proud supporter of STEM and we understand the importance electronics play in today’s fast-paced environment. Which is why we enjoy sponsoring events like RobotFest.


k8200 printing a gear


We had a chance to showcase our unique k8200 3D printer, which uses a movable print bed, by giving away some models that were printed during the event. Many of the attendants we spoke with were intrigued with the idea of a moving print bed since most other 3D printers available for commercial use, use the standard moving printhead nozzle.

The show may be over, but this fat lady is still singing. We can’t get enough and are thrilled for next year’s event.

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Where Creativity and Technology Meet

By Tyler Rosenkrantz /  Mar 26, 2015 12:55:47 PM /   Posted in Entertainment

RobotFest, an annual event for creative thinkers interested in technology, will take place at The National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, Maryland on April 25.

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