Texas vs. A&M - A Summer Intern Rivalry

Texas vs. A&M - A Summer Intern Rivalry

For ages, the rivalry between The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University has raged on. Years of battles on the football field, in the classrooms and out in the field of work have made this contention a particularly special one, always sparking some interesting conversations of who is ultimately better. Well here at VellemanStore, we don’t concern ourselves with such silly little games…or do we?

VellemanStore recently hired two summer interns, each representing one of the two most esteemed universities in the state of Texas. Alessio Nachtergaele, hailing from UT Austin, and Merrick Vargas, hailing from A&M, both work side by side now, putting their differences aside (for once) and are accomplishing great things! Both college students are getting first-hand experience working with all sorts of different electronics projects to keep them plenty busy.

Alessio and Merrick recently completed one of Velleman’s latest releases, the Velleman K/RCQC2: DIY Mini Quadcopter Starter Kit. With this project, they are required to assemble both the controller and the copter from included parts, soldering, screwing, and piecing it all together. Can you guess whose copter ended up flying the best?

VellemanStore summer interns, Alessio and Merrick, assemble a Velleman K/RCQC2: DIY Mini Quadcopter Starter Kit.

It’s definitely not always as peaceful in the tech department as we have made it seem so far. These two young men have not forgotten where they come from and, every once in a while, it shows. Whether it be a heated discussion about who has the better social atmosphere or whose classes are more rigorous, there is always some type of tension in the air. With the help of the Velleman K8400: Vertex 3D Printer, both Alessio and Merrick have been able to find an outlet for their school spirit. Instead of being passive aggressive with each other in the workplace, they can both take pride in their own creations that represent their supposed ‘superiority’ over the other.

Merrick and Alessio paint their 3D printed university logos.

While the two incoming college sophomores have their fair share of fun in the office, they are helping improve Velleman as a business as well. Coming to the table with new perspectives and ideas is one of their most valuable assets. Each day, they use their own experience and knowledge and apply it to everyday workplace issues and problems that arise.

Merrick and Alessio show off with their completed 3D printed university logos.

At the end of the day, the mutual benefits that the partnership offers are what makes the combination so great. While Velleman gives the two college students a good place to grow and take hold professionally, in return, the pair offer up a wide selection of skills that Velleman takes full advantage of. Even though the two may occasionally grind each other’s gears, they make a great team and truly represent their respective universities with honor. As Alessio says, “what started at UT Austin is changing the world”, and as Merrick says, A&M has made him ready to “lead by example.”

Since our office can't break the rivalry, we need your help! Vote in our poll to determine who wins bragging rights for the rest of the summer at VellemanStore headquarters.