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Earth listener - special edition

Earth listener - special edition


Earth listener - special edition.

Ever wondered how good the air quality is in your living room? Or do you need proof of why you fall asleep in a non-ventilated meeting room after 3 hours? Look no further! This DIY experimental kit has all the answers!

The Earth Listener is an Arduino based sensor device that reads multiple environmental values to indicate the air quality. This kit is assembled in 15 minutes and you don't need a soldering iron! Just connect the parts and wires, put everything in the case and connect it to a 5V USB socket. The Mega development board is pre-programmed and shows eCO2, TVOC (particles in the air), barometric pressure, temperature and humidity values onto the TFT touchscreen. To top thing off, the Earth Listener also contains a lightning detection sensor. If lightning (or electronic discharge) is detected, the Earth Listener will give an alarm tone and log how far the lightning is located. Since everything is open source, you can add an additional 6 sensors to the Earth Listener via the sensor shield. Logging is possible via the micro SD card (not included). This special edition is equipped with a transparant case so you can see all the electronics inside!

*Arduino compatible 3 colour RGB SMD LED module (VMA318) not included. Coming soon!.


  • development board:
    • microcontroller: ATmega2560
    • operating voltage: 5 VDC (USB) - power supply not included, 2m USB cable included
    • free pins after build: 30 digital / 5 analog
  • touch screen:
    • TFT resolution: 320 x 240
    • TFT colour depth: 262 000 colour
  • CCS811 sensor:
    • Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) sensing from 0 to 1,187 parts per billion
    • eCO2 sensing from 400 to 8,192 parts per million
    • I2C compatible interface
  • BME280 sensor:
    • temp range: -40°C to 85°C
    • humidity range: 0-100% RH, =-3% from 20-80%
    • pressure range: 30,000 Pa to 110,000 Pa, relative accuracy of 12 Pa, absolute accuracy of 100 Pa
    • altitude range: 0 to 9.2 km (30.000 feet), relative accuracy of 1 m (3.3 feet) at sea level, 2 m (6.6) at 9,2 km (30.000 feet)
    • I2C compatible interface
  • dimensions (when assembled):
    • length: 135 mm (5,31 inch)
    • width: 41 mm (1,61 inch)
    • height: 84 mm (3,31 inch)
  • weight: 215 g
  • enclosure material: plexi enclosure (VM211SE)
  • AS3935 sensor:
    • distance estimation to the head of the storm from overhead to 40km in 15 steps
    • detects both cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud flashes
    • SPI and I2C compatible interface


    • measures the environmental values eCO2, TVOC, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity values
    • detects lightning or electronic discharge that are up to 40 km away
    • shows values on a 2.8-inch color touch screen
    • implemented logging function on SD card (SD not included)
    • special designed hardware with pre-programmed software for a plug-and-play, ready-to-use experience
    • open source and fully Arduino based, easy to expand and modify
    • stylish wooden enclosure (VM211) or special edition see-through plexi case (VM211SE)

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 Warning: this product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/product