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Fuse set 5 x 20mm fast

Velleman K/FF: 5x20mm Fast Blow Fuse Set

Velleman K/FF

Fuse Set 5 x 20mm Fast

The Velleman K/FF Fuse set contains 100 fuses of varying amperage thresholds. This set contains 10 pieces of each of the following: 0.1A, 0.2A, 0.5A, 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 2.5A, 3A, 4A, and 5A. Use any of these fast acting fuses for your electronic needs and protect your other components.


  • test specifications:
    • opening time:
      • 110% load: 4 hrs min.
      • 135% load: 1 hr max.
      • 200% load: 5 sec. max.
  • packaging: plastic box with 10 compartments
  • construction: glass cartridge, silvered caps
  • specifications: IEC127, BS4265 and CEE4
  • voltage rating: 250V AC
  • breaking capacity: 35A
  • endurance: cycling test as specified by IEC127 and BS4265
  • ambient temperature: 5°F to 95°F according to IEC/BS, up to 158°F


  • fast-acting
  • 100 pieces:
    • 10 pieces of: 0.1A, 0.2A, 0.5A, 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 2.5A, 3A, 4A, 5A
  • low breaking capacity

 Warning: this product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/product