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Brightdot clock kit - black edition

Brightdot clock kit - black edition


Brighten any room or space with this fully Arduino® compatible, ESP32 controlled BrightDot clock kit.

This designer black edition clock features 60 bright RGB leds that reflect against the surface on which you mount the clock, hence telling you what time of day it is.

The SMB RGB LEDs are pre-assembled but the rest of the solder work is up to you! solder the light blocking pads into place and connect the clock to the ESP32 by using the data cable. Then it's time to pick out a nice spot to hang the clock with the invisible mounting option!

Once you've overcome the choice overload of available hanging spots, you can connect the clock to your wireless network and it will sync automatically with the NTP time server. Afterwards, you will be able to control every animation, colour or setting that is available by using the built-in web page which is accessible with your smartphone or PC. Another choice overload situation! other cool features include the alarm and the LED auto dim for when its bedtime.


  • dimensions:
    • cable: 2 - 2.5 m (ca 80-100 inch)
    • clock: 26.5 x 26.5 x 1 cm (10.4 x 10.4 x 0.4 inch)
  • voltage: 5 V (USB)
  • power consumption: max 2.5 A (on full brightness & with an all white display)
  • USB connector (micro USB) included
  • WLAN: 2.4 GHz


  • connects to your wireless network
  • synchronizes automatically with NTP time server
  • control the clock's animations, colours, settings and more on the built-in web page with your smartphone or from your computer (Windows®, macOS® & Linux®)
  • fully Arduino® compatible
  • GMT and DST user configurable
  • alarm feature
  • auto dim feature (night time)
  • invisible mounting option
  • open source firmware
  • ESP32 controlled
  • included:
    • PCB LED ring with 60 pre-assembled RGB LEDs, blinding pads and an ESP32 connection board
    • data cable
    • ESP32 compute module
    • 5V 2.5A (12.5W) power adapter with EU, UK, US and AU plugs included
  • PCB colour: black
  • download the firmware here

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