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Madlab electronic kit - junior theremin

MadLab MLP105: Junior Theremin Electronic Kit

Velleman MLP105

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MLP105: MadLab Electronic Kit - Junior Theremin

The Theremin was the first music synthesizer. The Junior Theremin is our, smaller, version of that classic electronic musical instrument. As you move your hand towards and away from the wire aerial, the Theremin responds by changing the pitch of the note it is playing. It can play individual notes as well as varying the tone of a single note.


Power Supply9V battery - Not Included
  1. Junior Thememin review by The Doctor on 8/23/2017

    This is not really a Theremin, it works on the principle of a Theremin, but is lacking the range of sound. The kit is fun and does make some noise.

    I bought two of them, built the first one and wasn't to happy with the sound. I will save the second kit for one of the kids to build. The quality of the Veleman kits is excellent and the boards are very easy to solder. However, I probably won't buy this again as it did not meet my expectations.

  2. Good product review by Mad scientist on 12/23/2016

    Makers dream. Don't have to piece it together, it's all there for you. Just the right size for my projects. Will buy more.

  3. Excellent Products review by Rspen46 on 8/22/2016

    I have bought several of these, and this is an overall excellent product, very well made, and does what it is suppose to do, I will be purchasing more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do these Jr. Theremins the Madlab MLP105 come without the option that turns them off automatically.


The MLP105 has a discrete and continuous mode but does not come in any different options. 

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