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Extended usb interface board

Velleman K8061: Extended USB Interface Board

Velleman K8061

Velleman K8061: Extended USB Interface Board Kit


The Velleman K8061 digital I/O board is the more advanced version of our Velleman K8055 board. The K8061 has 8 digital inputs and outputs (as apposed to five with the K8055) as well as 8 analogue inputs and outputs. Use of the digital outputs requires an input voltage of 5-30V. The board has a total of 33 inputs/outputs with it's additional pulse-width modulated output. The response time is also faster than that of the K8055 at 4ms per command.

The computer conection is galvanically-optically isolated, so no harm will come to your PC with the connection. Once set up, you can correspond with your K8061 Extended USB Interface Board through a dynamic link library (DLL). Or, write your own custom coding in delphi, visual basic, c++ builder, or other 32-bit windows applications.

The Velleman K8061 USB Interface Board Kit requires relatively advanced soldering and assembly. For a more basic interfacing and experimenting experience, check out the k8055. If you already own the k8055 and are stepping up to the next level, programming your K8061 will be very similar to programming the Velleman K8055 USB Interface I/O Board.  If you want to skip the soldering, try the fully mounted Velleman VM140 usb interface board module.


Assembling and Using Your K8061 Extended USB Interface Board Kit

Velleman VTSSC40NU

It is recommended that users have a basic understanding of electronic programming for use of Velleman K8061 USB Interface Board Educational Kit. This Velleman kit requires advanced soldering to assemble. System does not require batteries. Visit the Velleman Projects guide for assistance with construction and use of the K8055. 




Minimum System Requirement For Using the Velleman K8061 board with Your PC

  • Pentium class CPU with free USB port (1.1 or higher)
  • Windows 98SE or higher (Win NT excluded) *
  • CD ROM player and mouse
  • Windows XP is recommended
  • (*)Registered trademarks of MICROSOFT CORP.




  • Power consumption through USB port: approx. 60mA
  • Connect up to 8 cards to your PC
  • Power supply through adaptor: 12Vdc / 300 mA (PS1205)
  • PWM Frequency: 15,6 KHz
  • Standard execution time: 48mS (use Microchip and K8061D.DLL drivers)
  • Enhanced execution time: 21mS (use K8061_C.DLL)
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.6 x 0.8"



  • 8 Analogue 10 bit resolution inputs: 0…5 or 10VDC / 20kohm
  • 8 Analogue 8 bit resolution outputs: 0…5V or 10VDC / 47ohm
  • 8 Digital inputs: open collector compatible (connection to GND=0) with on-board LED indication
  • 8 Digital open collector outputs (max. 50V/100mA) with on-board LED indication
  • One 10 bit PWM output: 0 to 100% open collector output (max 100mA / 40V) with on board LED indication.
  • General response time: 4ms per command
  • USB Port: 2.0 and 1.1 compatible (USB cable included)



For a completely mounted module, view the Velleman VM140

Additional Information

Difficulty Level 5


K8061 update for Windows 64-bit OS.
The package contains 64 bit version of the K8061.DLL, 64 bit demo software and the USB driver version

Info Sheets

Resistor colour code

Overview of Velleman modules that are equal to D.I.Y Kits
This sheet is useful when you want to know which modules you could find in the do-it-yourself range of Velleman Kits and minikits.

 Warning: this product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/product