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Discrete power amplifier 200 w

Velleman K8060: 200W Power Amplifier Kit

Velleman K8060

Velleman K8060 Discrete Power Amplifier 200W

The Velleman K8060 is a discrete power amplifier with independent output devices for each channel and Expitaxial Darlington transistors for high output gains. The board has a direct current supply curcuit with LED indication and includes transistor isolators, bolts, and spacers. Protection from overlaod and short circuiting. Peak power 200W and steady power of 100Wrms at a 4 omh load. Use the K8060 with an 8ohm load at 70Wrms power.


Hook  up and use as an audio amplifier with your guitar and other instruments, or use with your home theater system. This discrete power amp is a great value for your money and works well with active speakers or subwoofers. We recommend you pair your power amplifier with the pre-drilled Velleman HSVM100 to dissipate the heat generated by the K8060. This kit does not come pre-assembled.



    • Distortion: 0.02% @ 1KHz/10W
    • Damping Factor: >800
    • Frequency Response: 3Hz to 200KHz (-3dB)
    • Sensitivity: 0.6Vrms
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 115dB
    • Power Supply: 2 x 25-30Vac / 120VA
    • PCB Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.4" (approx.)
    • Apprx 10lbs
    • Recommended Power Transformer:
      • 230VAC input, 2 x 30VAC output: 12030
      • 115 / 230VAC input, 2 x 25VAC output: TR8040 (output power reduced by ±15%)


Performance Power

  • 200W music power @ 4 ohm load
  • 100Wrms power @ 4 ohm load
  • 70Wrms power @ 8 ohm load


Additional Information

Difficulty Level 5

Info Sheets

Resistor colour code

Overview of Velleman modules that are equal to D.I.Y Kits
This sheet is useful when you want to know which modules you could find in the do-it-yourself range of Velleman Kits and minikits.

 Warning: this product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/product