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Stereo ultrasonic sound and bat detector

Velleman K8118: Stereo Ultrasonic Sound and Bat Detector

Velleman K8118

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Stereo Batscanner and Ultrasonic Sound Detector

Detect inaudible, high-frequency tones such as bat calls with the Velleman K8118: Stereo Ultrasonic Sound and Bat Detector. This DIY kit converts these inaudible noise into audible sounds waves. After assembling the kit, connect headphones and adjust the frequency to discover imperceptible sounds.


  • DIY bat scanner
  • Can also be use to find electricial failures in machinary, engines and electronics


Type Heterodyne
Microphones Electret
Frequency Range 20 - 90 kHz
Output 3.5 mm headphone jack
Power Consumption 8 mA
Weight 135 g with batteries
Dimensions 129 x 60 x 40 mm
Power Supply 3 1.5 V AA batteries - Not Included

Additional Information

Difficulty Level No
  1. Needs some minor reworking around switch area review by Herbert on 2/24/2018

    The contact pad around the switch fell off while re-soldering because the switch isn't given enough size to be rigid enough for serious use. I need a slightly larger switch with enough area to create a real tough solder joint so that the switch won't be the issue. Also, manual has no schematic. Pictures are extremely useful, but give me a real schematic. Tell me how it works. Don't just tell me to solder a bunch of stuff without telling me why I'm doing it, or it isn't educational. And, for $30, give me a real nice toggle, not some tiny switch that could break off the board. Also, some of the solder joints have a VERY tiny amount of anti-conductive coating between them, because the contact points are stupidly close. Redesign your PCB so it's not so crowded and then wastes space in other places. Find a better place for your caps so they won't snap off, maybe using the sides of the IC for support. Finally, the lack of poles on the ultrasonic mikes means you'll probably fry your mics with heat while soldering them. Just a slight touch and the whole mic was at 200-300 degrees. Going to ask for a refund or replacement since the PCB didn't hold up.

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Info Sheets

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This sheet is useful when you want to know which modules you could find in the do-it-yourself range of Velleman Kits and minikits.

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