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0.35mm direct drive extruder for k8200

Velleman K8203: 0.35mm Extruder Upgrade Kit for K8200 3D Printer

Velleman K8203

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Extruder Upgrade Kit for K8200 3D Printer - For use with 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament

Improve the quality of your 3D prints with the Velleman K8203, a direct drive extruder add-on/replacement for the Velleman K8200: 3D Printer Kit. The K8203 extrusion upgrade kit replaces the standard 0.5mm nozzle with a 0.35mm nozzle, which allows for 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament prints versus the standard 3.00mm filament prints. The upgrade doubles the resolution of your prints from 200 microns (0.2mm) to 100 microns (0.1mm), the same resolution as our K8400 3D Printer Kit.

Velleman K8203 Extruder Upgrade Print Example

Simply remove the existing extruder, replace it with the K8203 Direct Drive Extruder and watch as your K8200 3D Printer produces some of your smoothest prints yet.

Please note: To benefit fully from the K8203 upgrade, it is recommended that the Z axis is also upgraded using the Velleman K8204: Z Axis Upgrade for K8200 3D Printer.


  • Print with 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament on your Velleman K8200: 3D Printer
  • Higher resolution 3D prints

Extrusion Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • 0.35mm extruder nozzle for 1.75mm filament
  • Extruder heater and sensor
  • Direct drive unit with stainless steel pulley
  • High power plug-in stepper driver
  • All necessary installation hardware

Upgrade your K8200's extruder in 4 easy steps


Extrusion Nozzle Diameter 0.35mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm. Open filament policy.
Prints PLA and ABS. Testing with other materials in progress.

Additional Information

Difficulty Level 5
  1. A nice upgrade from the stock 0.5mm extruder review by Raymond on 7/28/2015

    This is an excerpt that I posted on the Velleman K8200 forum:

    I thought I’d start with “the Velleman way” as my first replacement extruder. For the cost, I not only upgrade to a more precise extruder, .35mm vs .5mm, I also switch to the more common 1.75mm filament, and switch to gearless direct drive.To me a hallmark of reliability is simplicity.

    The Good:
    I ordered the K8203 from VellemanUSA and it arrived quickly. The kit is very nicely packaged, and the front of the box has the web address for the installation procedures, along with a QR code in case you want to access the instructions that way. The web instructions are quite good, with only a few exceptions. The pictures are very clear. The quality of the parts is very good. The only thing that needed adjustment was lightly filing the inside of the filament pulley to get it to slide on to the stepper motor.

    The Challenging:
    I built mine with the stepper motor to the left, like the instructions show. When reflashing the firmware I had to modify Configuration.h to reverse the direction of travel.

    CODE as published:
    #define INVERT_E0_DIR true // for direct drive extruder v9 set to true, for geared extruder set to false
    CODE fixed:
    #define INVERT_E0_DIR false // for direct drive extruder v9 set to true, for geared extruder set to false

    Don’t forget, In Repetier Host send GCode M502, then M500 so reset the EEPROM. I would suggest that Velleman issue two firmwares and include in the filename “..Stepper motor mounted LEFT..” or another firmware “..Stepper motor mounted RIGHT..” with the correct changes implemented.

    From my measurements, the new extruder sits 15mm closer to the Z gantry than the original extruder. The new extruder is now farther back on the Y axis. Move your entire upper frame 15mm forwards and the extruder should now be centered on the bed. Velleman needs to add that to the instructions.

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This version supports the K8203 DIRECT DRIVE EXTRUDER and the VM8201 LCD and SD card controller. DO NOT FORGET TO RESET YOUR EEPROM SETTINGS AFTER THE UPGRADE!. Copyright (C) 2011 Camiel Gubbels / Erik van der Zalm.

This version supports the K8203 DIRECT DRIVE EXTRUDER and the K8204 Z AXIS UPGRADE ROD AND COUPLER FOR K8200 and the VM8201 LCD and SD card controller. DO NOT FORGET TO RESET YOUR EEPROM SETTINGS AFTER THE UPGRADE! (C)2011 C. Gubbels E. van der Zalm

Slic3r configuration file for standard PLA prints. Consult the K8200 manual on how to use this file. This file is only compatible with Repetier 0.90 and Slic3r 0.9.10b.

Info Sheets

Resistor colour code

Product information

Overview of Velleman modules that are equal to D.I.Y Kits
This sheet is useful when you want to know which modules you could find in the do-it-yourself range of Velleman Kits and minikits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get a replacement for the plastic barrel on the K8203 extruder?

The replacement part for the plastic barrel on the K8203 extruder is our part number HE1.75MM-IG.

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