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Rgb led add-on for k8400 - vertex 3d printer

Velleman K8403: RGB LED Illumination for K8400 Vertex 3D Printer

Velleman K8403

Velleman K8403: RGB LED Illumination for K8400 Vertex Kit (Electronic Project Kit - Soldering Required)

The Velleman K8403 LED Add On Kit makes it easy for you to add LED strips to your Vertex K8400 3D printer. You control the LED colors through a G-code command (M420) or from the K8400’s LCD controller. You can add the M420 command to your G-code to change color when a change occurs, for example when switching print heads (if you use the K8402) or for the ending of a print. This DIY kit contains everything you need for an easy install.


  • Power consumption: 470 mA
  • Requires soldering and a firmware update
  • Uses pins 12 V, PG1, PG0, PB6 and GND of CN2 (main board)
  • Contents: 4 rigid LED strips (9 LEDs, 25 cm), 4 cables with connectors, a PCB and all necessary parts
  • Colors: red - green - blue - magenta - cyan - yellow - white

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Difficulty Level No

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