Velleman at CES 2015CES and Velleman took over Las Vegas the first week of 2015. Amid the celebrity sightings, guest speakers and concerts, the top consumer electronics brands in the world all converge for one epic week!

Velleman unveiled its latest and greatest 3D Printer to date, the VERTEX K8400 to rave reviews! We could not be more pleased with the feedback we received while at CES. We at Velleman love to hear the wants and needs of the current consumer market. Without this valuable information we cannot implement the industry demands. We take every suggestion very seriously and I believe that reflects in the products we create. Our R&D Team is tirelessly working on the next "big thing" so stay tuned.

If you were not able to attend CES please browse our web and social media pages. In all CES was a great success! We look forward to seeing everyone next year. We are already preparing for another new product launch then.


Bye for Now ~ J