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Punta de recambio para vtss5 & vtss4

Punta de recambio para vtss5 & vtss4

Velleman BITS5

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Punta de recambio para vtss5 & vtss4.


  • punta: 0.5mm


  • para: VTSS4, VTSS5 (EE. UU.: VTSS5U, VTSS7U y VTSS4NU)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the VTSS5U Adjustable Soldering Station come with more than 1 tip?


No, the VTSS5U only includes one tip. Spare tips are available such as the BITS5. 

Q. What's the white material on the tip that comes with the VTSS5U? Is it supposed to cover the entire tip?


It is the color of the iron-plated copper soldering bit. 

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