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Velleman PSACU: Non-Regulated Single-Voltage Power Adapter

Velleman PSACU: Non-Regulated Single-Voltage Power Adapter - AC Input AC Output

Velleman PSACU
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Price From: USD9.50
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Our line of ac to ac power adapters are "step down" transformers. unlike traditional ac-dc power adapters which convert ac current to dc current, our ac-ac adapters lower (or step down) the voltage from 110/120 volts to 9, 12, 15 or 18 volts depending on the model. please note, these are unregulated power supplies. prior to purchasing this unit, you need to determine if your device requires a regulated power supply. important note for resellers: this type of adapter can be sold in the eu until 30/06/2015 and only as a spare part to replace a lost or broken identical power supply. you need to write down the primary load product for which the spare power supply is intended to be used on the box sticker. for an example, see the file important note for resellers in the downloads section on the right..
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