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2.8 inch touch screen for arduino

Écran tactile 2.8" pour arduino® uno/mega

Velleman VMA412
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Écran tactile 2.8" pour arduino® uno/mega.


  • résolution: 240 RGB (H) x 320 (V)
  • Display driver: ILI9341 V0.7
  • colour depth: 262 000 colours
  • system interface:
    • 8-bits, 9-bits, 16-bits, 18-bits interface with 8080-I /8080-II series MCU
    • 6-bits, 16-bits, 18-bits RGB interface with graphic controller
    • 3-line / 4-line serial interface
  • display mode:
    • full colour mode (Idle mode OFF): 262 000 colour (selectable colour depth mode by software)
    • reduced colour mode (Idle mode ON): 8-colour
  • température de service: -40 °C à +85 °C
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Code & Library Update
Update: 8-12-2016

Info Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why doesn't the display go white when disconnected from the computer after 10 to 20 minutes


This doesn't sound like an intended function for the VMA412. Please contact our Tech Support team at techsupport@vellemanusa.com.

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