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3vdc motor 350ma 13800rpm

Moteur cc 3vcc 350ma 14200rpm (1.5-3vcc)

Velleman MOT1N
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Moteur cc 3vcc 350ma 14200rpm (1.5-3vcc).


  • tension:
    • plage d' opération: 1.5-3V
    • nominale: 3V
  • sans charge:
    • vitesse: 14200rpm
    • courant: 0.3A
  • en cas d'affichage max.:
    • vitesse: 11780rpm
    • courant: 1.33A
    • torque: 15.7gcm
    • sortie: 2.37W
    • eff.: 59.5%
  • couple maximum: 1.60oz-in
  • dimensions (mm):
    • A: 0.26
    • B: 0.45
    • C: 0.93
    • D: Ø0.94
    • E: 1.50
    • F: Ø0.08
    • G: Ø0.24
    • H: 0.75
    • I: 0.45
    • J: Ø0.09
    • K: Ø0.94
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. It is nice that you provide the dimensions of the motor. But there is no accompanying diagram so I am left guessing how the parameters A, B, C, etc. map to the actual motor. I would like to know: what is the diameter of the shaft, the length of the shaft, the diameter of the motor body, the length of the body excluding the shaft, and the weight of the motor.


A dimensions diagram for the MOT1N is available for download under the Downloads tab. 

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