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Z axis upgrade rod and coupler for k8200

Velleman K8204: Z Axis Upgrade Rod and Coupler Modification Kit for K8200 3D Printer

Velleman K8204

Velleman K8204: Z Axis Upgrade Rod and Coupler Modification Kit for K8200 3D Printer

Looking to improve the quality of your prints? Want to reduce the amount of printing wobble? The z-axis upgrade rod and coupler can do just that. Replace your current z-axis rod with the Velleman K8204 and watch as your K8200 prints with expert precision.

We strongly advise the Z-Axis Upgrade for direct drive 0.35mm extruder printing (1.75mm filament).  To benefit fully from the K8204 upgrade, use with Extruder Upgrade (K8203) 

  • Improves Z-axis accuracy
  • Eliminates printing wobble
  • Strongly advised for direct drive 0.35mm printing


Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • Precision threaded rod lead screw
  • Follower Nut
  • Flexible coupler
Firmware update needed: http://www.k8200.eu/support/downloads/
Upgrade Kit is ONLY compatible with the K8200 3D Printer

Additional Information

Difficulty Level 5


Assembly instructions
Written multilingual manual explaining how to build the kit

Info Sheets

Resistor colour code

Product information about the Z axis upgrade rod and coupler

Overview of Velleman modules that are equal to D.I.Y Kits
This sheet is useful when you want to know which modules you could find in the do-it-yourself range of Velleman Kits and minikits.

 Warning: this product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/product