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Madlab electronic kit - bagpipes

MadLab MLP104: Bagpipes Electronic Kit

Velleman MLP104

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MLP104: MadLab Electronic Kit - Bagpipes

Bagpipes is an audio oscillator kit similar to the MLP110 MadLab Electronic Kit - Wonky Wire. The Bagpipes kit is, however, capable of producing eight different tones from about 5kHz (5000 cycles per second) down to about 300Hz.

To use the Bagpipes, the stylus wire is moved up and down the network of resistors R1 to R8 which make up the keyboard. The voltage at the end of the stylus changes as each keyboard resistor is touched in turn.


Power Supply9V battery - Not Included

Additional Information

Difficulty Level No
  1. Bagpipes Kit review by The Doctor on 8/23/2017

    Doesn't sound like Bagpipes, thank God, but it is fun. I connected the stylus to 8 Momentary push button switches, then the switches to the individual resistors, so now I can play it like an organ. I like it better with the buttons, a lot more creative in the sounds.

    I'm not sure if I would by this kit again or not. I might recommend it, but mention that it doesn't sound like Bagpipes.

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